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I took up the clarinet comparatively late in life largely

as a challenge to myself on retiring, having very

little previous experience playing  any instrument.  

My teacher suggested that as soon as I had

mastered the basics of the instrument I should

start playing in a band and that's when I

found the South Leeds Community Band.

The music played is a wide selection from

the lighter classics through some of the jazz

standards to modern pop and show tunes, most

of which I thoroughly enjoy.  The members of the

band are a wide range of ages and abilities, great

fun to play with and very supportive of an inexperienced

player such as myself.  I have learned a great deal over the three years since

I joined and I hope to learn a great deal more in future.


John - Clarinet

Personal Stories

I joined SLCBand as a mature player with very little experience and it was my first time playing with other musicians. Dave made me feel very welcome and the band plays a wide variety of music, so there's something for everyone. A great bunch of people who love making music together!


Kate - Alto Sax


I love being part of South Leeds Community Band. Having taken time out from playing the flute, it was lovely to be able to start playing again in a relaxed and fun environment.

We all support and help each other so that  no one feels uncomfortable, and now my teenage daughter has also joined. It is also lovely to perform at a couple of community fairs and our yearly concert for friends and family to push us gently along.


Jill - Flute


Saxophone was dusty, unused and only got out of it's case at Christmas if it was lucky!

It dreamed of being back in a band like

when it was at high school. Now it is living it's best life! Good to be playing with a group again.

Jo - Tenor Sax

I joined in my mid-teens and have seen the Band grow and change. Thanks to SLCBand, I have gained confidence in my ability and now also play at church and other gigs when asked.  I really look forward to helping create some alternative ideas each time we do the Friends & Family event so it's a bit different for everyone each year. I get along well with everyone .... even the old ones!

Will - Drums

St Cross Church | Middleton Park Avenue | Middleton | LS10 4HX


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