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Brass & Woodwind

WRSLS 1.jpg
  Dave Ellis  

Band Leader


I love heading up this group of great individuals! Some young, some old. Some shy, some confident. Some been playing for years, others just learning. Together we are encouraging each other to make a great sound whilst having fun as we do it.


We play all-sorts of stuff together from Ravel’s Bolero & Glenn Miller, to Bohemian Rhapsody & Sweet Caroline. Items from Musicals like Hairspray & Riverdance, Movies like Mary Poppins & Shrek, and music from new artists like Billie Eilish & George Ezra. We have over 80 pieces of music we have a crack at.


We're not an “elite” group where I insist

you practice every day and come to 2

rehearsals a week!!!  We meet twice a

month to catch up and play together.

Some don’t come every rehearsal due to

other commitments - we all have busy lives.


If this sounds like it’s for you, contact us

or pop along so see us. We are especially

looking for some Trombones, Tuba,

Baritone Sax players.


Some of our lower Brass: Colin, Mia & Val

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